During the 3 sessions that were held the topics discussed were;

January 2018 = The psychopathology of drug use and its abuse.

March 2018 = The negative impact from poly-substance misuse.   

May 2018 = Treatment and Intervention models that minimise associated health risks.Type your paragraph here.

In our 2018 project we held several drug awareness sessions at Goodison Park.  

The aim of these sessions were as follows;

  • To provide a comprehensive look at the psychology of substance use within the UK over the past 25 years. (critical reflections, attitudes, worldviews & beliefs)       
  • To examine the impact of substance misuse within identified community and groups. (BAME, LGB, WWC and working professionals)

  • To critically explore treatment methodologies, practices and preventative measures. (Therapeutic Communities, Talking Therapies, Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Prisons, Training Centre‚Äôs and Rehabs)
  • How to effectively engage with substance users, abusers their families and statutory services. (the marginalised, the ostracised, value added support, public policies, financial expenditures or financial investments)


The feedback gained from these sessions was very positive and we are hoping in the near future to once again work with Mr Ed White on future projects such as this.